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“My name is Takura Sibanda and I am the Founder/Creator of P.O.T.N♔ which I founded in December 2017. Currently, P.O.T.N♔  consists of a podcast, streaming channels like YouTube, & Twitch and P.O.T.N♔ Merchandise.”

  • P.O.T.N♔ has a triple meaning the first is that it encompasses my core values which are Positivity, Optimism, Tenacity, & Nobleness. These values help me drive my innovation, resilience, and humility in all my ventures. 
  • The second meaning of P.O.T.N♔ is Prince Of The North which I have used to best describe my position on my journey to becoming a King in my life.
  • Finally, P.O.T.N♔ also stands for Potency which you may also know as an influence. I hope through all my actions and activities I can positively influence and inspire others to better themselves, build confidence and also become their own heroes in their lives.

For Enquiries please email – info@potnofficial.com

While you explore the website be sure to check the P.O.T.N♔ Merch, as well as the P.O.T.N♔ Podcast, Youtube, & Twitch pages. 

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